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What do rabbits, playing cards, hatters and croquet have in common? Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Published almost 150 years ago, this tale of a young girl's travels through a fantastical land continues to fascinate and inspire today. Why? Because we can all emphathise with Alice as she battles an illogical world - and its many and varied inhabitants -  where nonsense and madness prevails. The Alice 3.0: an Alternative Wonderland exhibition reimagines the Alice story and explores the journey of a contemporary Alice through a postmodern wonderland.   In the spirit of Carroll’s tale, the show will incorporate the art of 20 UK and international artists alongside pieces by international avant garde stylist Anne Veck and children from Rose Hill Primary School, Oxford High Junior School and the Oxfordshire Deaf Children's Society. Come meet the 21st century Alice. The Alice 3.0: an Alternative Wonderland exhibition will be held at the Museum of Oxford from June 7th - September 6th 2014.
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